PUREWAVE® CM5 Cordless Percussion Massager

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Therapeutic Percussion Massager | 5 Tips

Our original percussion massager designed for powerful deep tissue massage and self-healing.

5 Therapy Grade Massage Tips


3D Pivot Tip

Our patented design utilizes an articulating pivot tip that contours to the curvature of your body and joints. Offering a continuous gliding motion that reduces hand fatigue and awkward angles.

3D Pivot Tip

Swiveling wide arch design that glides over joints and hard angles

Air Cushion Tip

Soft cushion for general massage. Silicone material.

Six-Head Tip

Deep tissue/sports massage for large muscle groups

Point Tip

Acupressure and reflexology for targeted tension points and scar tissue

Body Oil Tip

Soothing applicator for massage oil or pain relieving cream. Silicone material.

Safety and Specifications
  • Patented rechargeable massager for percussion therapy.
  • Silicone tips use non-latex rubber
  • 1.75 pounds. Approximate dimensions 15"L x 2.75"W x 4"H
  • Made in Korea
Product Safety Certification

Your safety is important to us! That’s why we have tested and certified our products to the highest safety standards. Make sure you check for these marks of authenticity on any products you purchase.

Why does this matter?
Safety Purewave Wire
safety-icon UL 1647 5015246 ETL mark is proof our product is in compliance with published industry safety standards.
ETL mark is proof our product is in compliance with published industry safety standards.
safety-icon 3013871536 Registered with the FDA
Registered with the FDA
safety-icon STD-FCC-15004 United States certification to not interfere with other electronic devices.
United States certification to not interfere with other electronic devices.
safety-icon STD-CE-1507 Europe certification to not interfere with other electronic devices.
Europe certification to not interfere with other electronic devices.
Battery Pack
safety-icon UL2054 E492708 United States certification for safe household usage.
United States certification for safe household usage.
safety-icon IEC62133 JPTUV-089403 Europe certification for safe household usage.
Europe certification for safe household usage.
safety-icon UL60950-1 E487555 United States certification for safe home charging.
United States certification for safe home charging.

Powerful Percussion

Helping your body heal naturally

Dissolve Muscle Knots
Dissolve Muscle Knots
Soothe Joints and Tendons
Soothe Joints and Tendons
Relieve Tension
Relieve Tension
Improve Circulation
Improve Circulation

Trusted by Therapists

PUREWAVE is highly recommended and consistently used by therapists for long-term patient improvement.

Don’t Settle For A PUREWAVE Knockoff

Knockoff Massagers falsely advertise by mimicking our designs and content. It is our utmost priority to always protect PUREWAVE customers by exposing these sub-quality models. Please BEWARE of counterfeit massagers and protect your purchase by always buying directly from our website or through a dealer in our Healing Network.

Find Out How to Spot Them

There is no comparison. There really isn't!

Customer Reviews

Q & A

Is the PUREWAVE safe to use with my condition? Will it help?
We get a lot of questions about specific conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, Sciatica, and Tendonitis. The PUREWAVE is both safe and effective for most common aches and ailments, but we always recommended talking to a professional about what will work best for your body. That’s why we offer a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee— so you can try out PUREWAVE with your Physician/PT to better understand how it can speed up your healing process. If for any reason it’s not for you, just give us a call and we’ll take care of your free return.
How does the PUREWAVE provide relief from my pain?
Percussion therapy helps relieve chronic pain by breaking down scar tissue and restoring blood flow to fatigued muscle cells, often referred to as trigger points or knots. By rapidly pulsing the muscle fibers with a gentle wave of pressure, we are able to improve circulation and alleviate pain at its source.

PUREWAVE massagers offer the most specialized pain relief on the market because of the strength of our percussion motor, innovative tips (3 tips to target different symptoms), and a variable-speed dial (total control of speed and pressure). That means you can attain a personal massage experience for effective pain relief that’s right for YOUR body.
How is PUREWAVE different from many of the massagers I can find for less money?
We understand that there are a lot of massagers out there for you to choose from. What sets PUREWAVE apart most is our quality materials and our patented technology.

Plus, unlike the copycat models you’ll come across, our devices have all of their UL1647, FDA and FCC Safety Certifications. We also take great pride in the PUREWAVE Healing Network, which is a unique community made up of local trainers and therapists that can help you get the most out of PUREWAVE percussive therapy.
Are PUREWAVE massagers sold on Amazon?
PUREWAVE massagers are sold on Amazon under the parent brand PADO. It’s a long story, but due to an ongoing trademark dispute we are currently selling under the PADO brand on the Amazon marketplace.
What are the specs of PUREWAVE?
PUREWAVE massagers are developed to deliver the ideal combination of depth (amplitude), RPMs and force. This creates the safest, most impactful percussive massage experience, which you can customize even further to your needs with our swappable tips and variable-speed dial.

  • Stroke Length: ~5mm
  • RPM: Percussion Up to 3,700rpm
  • Run time: Up to 3hrs
  • Weight: CM7 - 1.5lbs, CM5 - 1.35lbs
What does the 2-year warranty cover?
We want you to know that we’ve always got your back. Our 2 Year Warranty covers pretty much anything short of you smashing our product or getting it wet. We want to see you happy in everything from your purchasing experience to your massage experience!

Professionally Guided Self-Healing

Learn how to get the most out of your PUREWAVE.

Everything PUREWAVE

Everything PUREWAVE

An overview of the CM7 and how to use it safely.

PUREWAVE Air Cushion

PUREWAVE Air Cushion

Perfect for massaging between sensitive joint areas.

PUREWAVE Point Stick

PUREWAVE Point Stick

Pin-point acupressure tip drills into those stubborn knots.


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Comparison heading CM-5 CM-7+
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Vibration Motor -- check mark
Tips 5 8
Ergonomic Handle check mark check mark
Variable Speed check mark check mark

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