This Woman is Proof Positive that Movement is Medicine

Posted by Bob Wiltfong on Jun 29th 2016

"I Had to Learn to Walk Again"

You would never know seeing Rhonda Curtis today what she's gone through. A few years back, she was snow skiing when her body began to twist around...and her ski didn't come off. Rhonda shattered her tibia and tore several ligaments. Doctors had to implant other people's bones in her leg to allow her to use it again. The prognosis for her future was not good, "I had to learn to walk again," she says.

That's when Rhonda re-discovered yoga in her life. After first taking a yoga class as a college student in the 70s, she didn't think much of it. But when doctors gave her crutches and a walker to get around after that skiing accident, Rhonda knew she had to get her mobility back to enjoy the rest of her life. Yoga was just the thing her body needed.

Today, in her mid-60s, Rhonda does yoga on a regular basis and her mobility is outstanding. To help build it even further, she recently tried the Pure Wave Massager for the first time. Her reaction is more evidence that movement is medicine:

"Wow. That's nice. It's so lightweight. You know I've had massagers in the past before but cords are kind of cumbersome and heavy. [The Pure Wave] definitely gets the circulation going."

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