Professional Dancer Fights Hip Pain After Long Rehearsals

Posted by Travis Frye on Jul 29th 2016

Louis Hurd, professional dancer, knows what it's like to have cramped up leg muscles after long rehearsals. 

"I love the stage, I love just seeing people smile," says Hurd.  "I think people don't realize how tough dancing really is. Four hour rehearsals, five hour rehearsals. If we are getting ready for a show we have eight hour days where we'd be rehearsing all day." 

"My legs just cramp up because I've been using them so much...I need ice, and heat rubs, and all kinds of stuff," he says.

Enduring pain seems to be a part of becoming a great dancer. Hurd goes on to explain that perfect practice makes perfect.  He leaves us with some words of wisdom for aspiring dancers, "...slow down. Take care of yourself. You only have one body, so take care of that one body."